LabiaPlasty and Medications

The labia and area with it might be slightly bruised. Patients can expect swelling for several weeks. Oral medications could be administered to reduce pain. Antibiotics taken orally may be prescribed to reduce the risk of infection. Pain or abnormal symptoms should be reported to the doctor immediately. The patients will receive a list of post-operative instructions that could include the restriction of heavy exercise for three or even more weeks, restriction of lovemaking for six to eight weeks, with no tampon use for 10 days.
Since many patients travel for the procedure, a follow-up view of the labia can be made by sending a picture towards the doctor within six weeks from the procedure. Some patients may notice a heightened sensation within their clitoris because of the removed tissue; however, this is not the purpose of the procedure. The ultimate appearance is going to be evident in 3 to 6 months.
Surgical Procedure Restores Hymen - Hymenoplasties
Because so many women have lost their vagina tightening, they are embracing a brand new form of cosmetic surgery to get it back. This surgery is called hymenoplasty, also referred to as revirgination, surgery that reattaches the hymen.
Not being a virgin does not come as a surprise anymore nowadays. Many women lose their virginities while very young, much more in this modern world of ours. Virginity is, in some corners of society, still considered a precious possession. It would be great if women could somehow reclaim what they have lost.
The fact is, virginity could be reclaimed, and revirgination is a group of different plastic surgeries and exercises meant to make you feel and look likes a virgin once again. Vaginal surgery, which is one of revirgination's fastest growing segments, forms the core of revirgination.
Hymenoplasty, a controversial medical procedure known mostly for its prevalence in the center East and Latin America, has become popular in the U.S. However, there are not any hard data, the American Society of Cosmetic surgeons says vaginal surgery, including hymenoplasty, is one of the industry's fastest-growing segments. Gynecologists are marketing hymenoplasty in magazines, local newspapers and online. They report business is booming.
The newest trend in cosmetic surgery for US women is vaginal reconstruction, including hymenoplasty, which offers patients new virginity
the procedure, also referred to as "revirgination", is a method for women to enhance their life or enjoy a second honeymoon.
More recently, vaginoplasty is continuing to grow into a number of cosmetic surgeries marketed as "vaginal rejuvenation" and "designer vagina" procedures. Cosmetic surgeons and gynecologists are marketing their own array of designer vaginoplasty surgeries, claiming exactly the same advantages to women as with other cosmetic surgeries, for example beauty, self-esteem, and confidence.
In fact, says ACOG, women's genitals naturally have a diverse range of normal appearances, which are anatomically correct. There is no one "look" or right way for any vagina and labia to become formed.
Recently, laser technology has been created; some surgeons use it for "vaginal rejuvenation" and other vaginal surgeries to replace the standard scalpel.
Individual doctors who are people in the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) offer various "vaginal rejuvenation" procedures, but the ASPS itself does not endorse particular surgeries and cautions that "vaginal rejuvenation" surgery may require further scientific study to determine efficacy and success. No cosmetic vaginoplasty surgeries are considered accepted, routine procedures by ACOG.